Virtual Program Expectations and Procedures

Last Updated: 7/27/2020 6:12 PM

The information below contains guidelines, expectations, and procedures for the virtual school program for 2020-21:

General Guidelines

  • School is held daily (180 days per year in accordance with state requirements) and follows both the school calendar and individual schedules set for the student by CSCSHC teachers. 
  • Attendance in a virtual setting will require the student to be visible in a live Google Meet with the teacher at scheduled times.  
  • All attendance procedures and expectations will be followed similarly to in-person instruction, per District Policy 5200 on Attendance as described on page 11 of the district’s Student Handbook.
  • Assessments may be expected to be completed in a live environment.
  • Students will be expected to use Canvas & other various online learning platforms/curricula. 
  • Students are expected to follow the daily and hourly schedule of classes.


  • Every student will be provided with a school-issued device for the sole purpose of completing virtual learning. 
  • The device must be kept in working order and is not an excuse for missing work, class, etc.  If you have technical issues with your school-issued device or specific program on your student’s school-issued device, please call (317) 620-8204 or email for support.
  • Students must have reliable internet access. Internet capacity must be able to support virtual learning in all aspects including live-streamed instruction, video, and interactive programs.

Student Expectations

  • Students must complete all work independently and according to stated deadlines.  
  • All assignments must be completed at the assigned deadline. Exceptions must be approved by the teacher.
  • Students are to be available during the regularly scheduled hours and days of school or time set forth by the teacher(s) of record.  
  • There will be face-to-face time scheduled with the student’s teacher(s) of record, and the student must be present on the screen. 
  • Students must ask/email questions to the teacher prior to 4:00 pm for an answer the same day. If a student emails the teacher after 4:00 pm they can expect an answer the next school day.
  • General school rules and regulations will be followed in the virtual format.
  • Students must have adequate technology skills needed for successful virtual learning.

Parent Expectations

  • When students have questions or concerns regarding content, they are directed to contact their student’s teacher(s). Please note that email messages sent after 4 p.m. may not be answered until the next school day.  
  • Live instructional sessions are reserved for students only. 
  • A learning environment should be provided for students that is free from distractions, like toys, electronics, and other outside responsibilities. 
  • Although parent facilitation is necessary, the learning experience should be student-driven.
  • On occasion, parents may need to pick up supplies for the student if arranged in advance with the classroom teacher.