Student Services

Katy Eastes


  Katy Eastes
  Director of Student Services
  317.861.4463 ext. 1013


Rachel Briscoe
Assistant Director of Student Services
317.861.4463 ext. 1052

Emily Stephens
Behavior Consultant
317.861.3267 ext. 4016

Ms. Amy Hunter
Administrative Assistant to 
Director of Student Services
317.861.4463 ext. 1001

School Counselors / Social Workers:

New Palestine High School

NPHS Guidance website


Trent Whitaker

 Mr. Trent Whitaker
 Director of Guidance
 Last names beginning with Sm-Z and All Early College Students
 317.861.4417 Ext. 2017


Caitlin Fangman Ms. Caitlin Fangman
 Last names beginning with A-Ht
 317.861.4417 Ext. 2016



Ms. Summer Grinstead
Last names beginning with Hu-SL
317.861.4417 Ext. 2015


New Palestine Junior High

Amanda Schwyn


 Ms. Amanda Schwyn
 317-861-4487 x6004


New Palestine Intermediate

 Ms. Kasey DeLion
 317-861-6747 x7015

Brandywine Elementary

Deanna Hobbs


 Ms. Deanna Hobbs
 317-462-7396 x6015


New Palestine Elementary

Ms. Pamela Richwine
317-861-5287 x5015

Sugar Creek Elementary

Ms. Abbie Doyle

Student Services Accessibility Statement